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Metal Beaded Curtains

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Metal beaded Curtains

Have your next event feature the new Rose Brand® Metal Beaded Curtains in graceful swags. They’re sure to WOW event attendees and leave them in awe.

These large-scale, faceted stainless steel beads are highly reflective for dynamic lighting effects. Place a glassless mirror behind them for even greater reflective illusions. Use a single swag for a touch of glamor or combine multiple swags for a truly regal look.

Each Metal Beaded swag can be hung in standard, narrow, or wide widths. Swag width can easily be adjusted each time the swags are hung.

The Metal Beaded Curtains seen here were part of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's historic 2015 New Year's Eve concert at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The fabulous design featured 13 Metal Beaded Curtains in swags of various sizes.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Metal beaded Curtains

Product: Metal Beaded Curtain; Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett New Year's Eve Performance; Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas; Designers: Lady Gaga, Roy Bennett and Peter Aquinde; Photo: Jeff Green

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Also available for rental in several modular sizes.

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