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Muslin Fabrics-Standard Widths

Muslin is a plain woven cotton sheeting fabric that is probably the most ubiquitous fabric in theatre. Besides its use for costumes, muslin is used widely for scenery flats, backdrops, and cycloramas — in short, any surface that may be painted or that is being used to reflect light. Rose Brand stocks a variety of muslins from 44” in width up to 39’ wide without a seam (and many, many sizes in between). Our muslin is stocked both flame retardant and non-flame retardant, as well as in a variety of weights (referring to thread count) and colors.

For more information on Flame Retardancy, read our Blog Post on Flame Retardant Fabrics: What's the Difference Between FR, IFR, DFR and NFR Fabrics?.

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