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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Rose Brand Inc. Introduces New Small-Scale ShowLED Backdrops At Half Their Former Price

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ShowLED Classic and Chameleon LED curtains are available at a new low price by virtue of their new mini-controller. The new Classic mini-controller enables 4 preset star drop chase patterns and the ability to adjust chase speed and light intensity. The Chameleon RGB mini-controller enables you to choose a single LED color from its 16 pre-programmed colors; or to create your own single color by mixing the intensity of its red, green and blue LEDs; or to use a pre-set multi-colored display. Similar to the Classic, the Chameleon enables pre-set chases at varying speeds.

Rose Brand West Coast General Manager Doug Harvey says, "The new small-scale ShowLED Classic Star Drop and Chameleon RGB LED curtains are available in curtain sizes up to 128 sq. feet. The new mini-controller enables a limited set of features that are perfectly appropriate for curtains of modest size. While cost savings are roughly 50% on a 10’x10’ curtain, the savings can be even greater on smaller curtains. That’s because the controller was formerly such a significant percentage of the total system price." The small-scale curtains are configured to work with a maximum of 64 LEDs.

Marketing Director Louis Peter advises, "The new price point makes the products available to new market segments where ShowLED esthetics and simple setup & maintenance features are highly desired, but where price was formerly an issue. Now almost any performer or event organizer can afford a small-scale starry night backdrop."

Rose Brand Inc. is the US distributor of ShowLED curtains, which includes Classic star drop, Chameleon RGB, Animation Curtains, as well as Animation Waterproof and High Output varieties.