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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Rose Brand introduces the new ShowLED Animation & Video Curtain

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rose Brand’s new Animation & Video Curtain features advances in technology at a competitive price. Product differentiating features include randomly positioned LEDs as well as ease of setup and use. The curtain is perfect for rendering low to medium resolution still images, video loops and flash animations.

The Animation Curtain uses LEDs that are individually controlled as pixels. Random positioning of the LEDs offers a significant advantage compared to the standard "grid" format found in competitive products. Rose Brand Vice President Peter Finder advises that "Random LEDs provide both performance and cost advantages. Randomness enables you to display organic shapes more realistically. It also requires fewer LEDs to render an image than a grid pattern." Fewer LEDs means lower upfront cost. Also, while a burned out LED is barely noticeable in a random setup, it’s quite obvious on a grid and must be immediately replaced, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Cost savings also accrue as a result of the lightweight profile of Rose Brand’s Animation & Video Curtain. A 10’x36’ standard size curtain weighs less than 100 lbs. so it ships efficiently, and there’s no need for a large setup crew. You can fold it, wrap it, drape it, use it as a ceiling curtain, or install the video backdrop on a track system.

The product is also simple to operate. It comes with its own controller and software, and it’s compatible with most existing media servers and playback devices. Rose Brand’s Animation & Video Curtain is works well for theatres, concerts and large-scale events. Click here to see a demonstration.