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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Rose Brand COVID19 War Effort Creates Program for Consumers and Businesses to Reinforce Social Distancing Message. Product Sales to Benefit Healthcare Workers, the Most Vulnerable and Furloughed Employees

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Rose Brand launched a national campaign to reinforce the social distancing message with the unfurling of a massive 140-foot banner in its Secaucus, NJ headquarters parking lot. The banner, manufactured and printed in-house, conveys the rallying cry, “JOIN THE RESISTANCE, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.” It also features an image of Lady Liberty as the nation’s iconic symbol of hope, standing in the distance on Liberty Island.

“Social distancing saves lives and now is not the time to stop,” said Josh Jacobstein, Rose Brand President. “We want to amplify the message beyond TV, to make it personal and ubiquitous. We hope to motivate people to communicate the message amongst themselves in a manner that’s comfortable and helpful to the cause in many ways.”

Jacobstein said Rose Brand has created masks, banners, posters, bumper stickers, and clothing that communicate the social distancing message. Each item bears a small-scale replica of the giant banner displayed in its parking lot, urging onlookers to “JOIN THE RESISTANCE, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.” The intent is to make the message visible inside and outside of homes and businesses, on people, and in photos displayed on social media.

“For decades, Rose Brand has provided stage curtains, backdrops, fabrics and supplies for countless productions and events,” Jacobstein said. “Today, we’re putting these same skills to work to encourage social distancing. The program benefits healthcare workers, the most vulnerable, our employees, and the public at large.”

Products with the social distancing message are available at the firm’s newly created web site, devoted entirely to the cause, at http://www.DistanceIsResistance.com. Rose Brand will donate 25 percent of the sale of the items to The Coronavirus Relief Fund. The fund’s goal is to raise $5M to support healthcare workers and those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, with activities that include supporting frontline health care workers with personal protective equipment and other lifesaving equipment to hospitals and clinics. The fund is part of GlobalGiving charity, which receives Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars.

Rose Brand is also fighting its own private war against COVID-19, having been forced to temporarily furlough much of its 400-person workforce due to the impact the virus has had on its industry. The company’s products are a part of nearly every Broadway, school and church production, as well as major events at arenas, concert halls, and smaller venues throughout the country. The company has over 160,000 sq ft of space for its front office, production, warehouse, and fulfillment facilities in New Jersey, and another 69,000 sq ft of space just outside of L.A.

Jacobstein said, “We’re trying to make a difference anyway that we can. We’ve put together kits for portable medical cubicles using standard pipe and base structures, engaged with our textile mills to bring out fabrics that have anti-microbial finishes for curtain dividers, and supplied fabrics to the crafters and grass roots organizations who are building face masks for their local communities. If we can make a vital contribution to the war against COVID-19 and bring back our furloughed employees more quickly, then I’ll feel that we’ve done the best that we can do given the present situation.”