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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

New Eco-Liner Fabric Takes Green Honors at Rose Brand

Monday, December 28, 2009

The ubiquitous graduation gowns that visually mark the ceremony and render that moment of achievement in memory have found a second life. A new fabric has been developed to provide an eco-friendly and recyclable option for graduation gowns. Recognizing a good idea when we see it, Rose Brand has adopted this fabric for the entertainment and event industries.

Our new Eco-Liner fabric is made from Repreve TM, a yarn born of 100% recycled content and processed responsibly. To make Repreve yarn, pre-consumer polyester fiber waste and post-consumer plastics are collected, then put through a unique material conversion process. Repreve is initially produced as a 100% recycled chip and then melted into a polymer, enabling it to be extruded into a yarn. Additional processes enhance the properties of the yarn to give it stretch, comfort and softness.

In the entertainment and event markets it is very important to use fabrics that have flame retardant properties. Therefore, our Eco-Liner fabric has been topically treated to provide that essential characteristic, yet the treatment doesn’t diminish the recyclable properties of the fabric.

Every 1 lb of Repreve polyester yarn produced, saves 50,000 BTU’s of energy (the equivalent of .4 gallons of gasoline). Additionally, 5 other crude oil dependant virgin polyester processes are eliminated -- a “Repreve” for the planet.

Available in Graduation Black and Cream of the Crop White, in a 60” full roll or by the cut yard.
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