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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Rose Brand Inc. Announces Winner in Hardware & Rigging Line Contest

Monday, June 8, 2015

After pouring over 645 entries in its mascot naming contest, Rose Brand Inc. has announced a winner! The mascot for the Rose Brand Hardware and Rigging line will be named “Rivet.” The winning entry was submitted by Joe Dugan from Multi Image Group. In exchange for the winning name, Dugan won a $500 prize in the form of a Rose Brand credit.

Names were judged on the basis of creativity, appropriateness, and relevance to the business. Being that the company uses rivets in its custom sewn productions, “Rivet” is fitting for the frog that represents the brand.

Many of the submissions came with memories about Rose Brand and customers’ experiences with the company’s products. The most submitted name with all its variations was Rigit, with a total of 130 entries. Other popular submissions were forms of Rosie, Gripper, and Crosby. Some other contenders that deserve honorable mentions are Rosie the Rigger, Rigger Morris, Rigger Tony, Sir Leaps a Lot, and Handsome George among many others.

Rose Brand announced the contest launch at the beginning of April. The frog represents the hardware line of the company’s Theatrical Fabrics and Supplies business.

Rose Brand offers a large selection of stage hardware and rigging hardware products from top brands such as CM, Triple E, ADC, Rosco, Grip Lock, and Darnell-Rose. The company also provides expert technical project management, installation and rigging services. Describing themselves as experts at providing creative solutions to unique problems, the Rose Brand team of certified technicians executes installations around the country.