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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Introducing the GaffGun™ Along With Big Savings On Gaffer’s Tape

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rose Brand Inc. introduces its newest product –the GaffGunTM! For a limited time, you can buy the Rose Brand GaffGun Package and receive up to $93 in savings on a case of tape.

The GaffGun simplifies the job of laying tape over cable while saving time, money and your back. Cables don't even have to be straight – the GaffGun straightens and centers your cable(s) and then lays tape over them.

The GaffGun is a patent-pending floor tape dispenser developed by Seattle-based GaffTech. It was invented by a few people who dreaded the job of applying gaff tape by hand, so much that they designed a device that got them up off the floor.

Jesse Adams, Rigging Projects Manager at Rose Brand and ETCP Certified Rigger, recently showed off the GaffGun at a trade show and was impressed:
"This is a product I wish had been around years ago. I can see the GaffGun making people’s lives easier. It’s great for cable runs, especially the long ones that would normally have you straining your knees. You can leave the knee pads at home because you won’t need them anymore."

The GaffGun uses interchangeable patent-pending CableGuides to gather cables or wires and straighten them underneath the tape, with different sizes of guides available for different numbers and sizes of cables.

Rose Brand is offering introductory savings on a case of tape with the purchase of any GaffGun Package (includes GaffGun bundle and a case of tape). To see the GaffGun in action and to learn more, Click here.