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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Introducing Rose Brand® Pipe and Base 2.0 Systems, The New Industry Standard

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rose Brand introduces Pipe and Base 2.0 Systems, the new industry standard. Pipe and Base 2.0 eliminates the bent hooks and torn slots used in traditional pipe and base. It replaces them with smooth ball end caps that plug into beautifully engineered crowns. The new design virtually eliminates the curtains tears and pipe repairs that were so common with standard pipe & base. Plus, the new horizontal drape supports have such fantastic up and down range of motion, that you can easily angle the drape supports onto the uprights when standing on the ground. Now just a single person can setup pipe & drape without using a ladder.

Rose Brand Inc.’s line of Pipe & Base 2.0 products also offers components that can be used to retrofit standard pipe & base hardware. The new ball cap and crown components fit all Rose Brand drape supports and telescoping uprights, providing a more smooth, flexible and secure join. In addition, an assortment of accessories are available to fulfill tasks such as hanging signage, lighting equipment, adding multiple drape lines and much more.

Pipe and base has never been easier to use and setup has never been this quick. For more information on the new Pipe and Base 2.0 Systems contact Rose Brand at 1-800-223-1624 or at customerservice@rosebrand.com. Click here for more product information and video demonstrations.