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Rose Brand News & Information Feature Story

Rose Brand Announces Winners of the 2014 Rose Brand / USITT Action Design Competition at the USITT Expo

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Based on their beautifully designed, developed and lit scenic environment, Team Leap Day was voted this year’s winner of the Rose Brand / USITT Action Design Competition at USITT Expo in Ft, Worth, TX. In a contest first, these same students also won the individual prizes for top scenic, costume, and lighting designers, as well as technical director. Team Leap Day included:
  • Costume Designer, Jodie Daniels, University of Houston
  • Lighting Designer, Amanda Warren, Stephen F Austin State University
  • Scenic Designer, Rachel Bennick, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Technical Director, Hillary Collazo Abbot, Ohio Northern University
The annual Action Design Competition pits four teams of student designers and technicians against one another, to rapidly conceive, design and build a scenic environment under a chosen “mystery” theme. Each team is given limited supplies with no prior knowledge of what will be available. The team members need to make the best of their mystery supplies as they plan and execute the ultimate themed environment on the Stage Expo floor, during the Expo, in just 4 hours. This year’s themes were “oddball” holidays: Leap Day, Darwin Day, April Fools’ Day and Opposite Day.

Joining the students was a special team of design professionals who created their own scenic design inspired by their theme, Pi Day. The professionals provided their recommendations on the top designers in each category. They were also a wonderful resource, offering advice to the student participants.

Rose Brand thanks all the participants, schools and design professionals who helped make this years’ competition so successful. See the list below. Congratulations again to the winning team! To view photos of the competition and booth designs visit http://bit.ly/rosebrand-facebook.

Other Participants in the 2014 Action Design Competition Included:
Students: Jodie Daniels-University of Houston, Amanda Warren-Stephen F. Austin State University, Rachel Bennick-The University of Texas at Austin, Hillary Collazo Abbott-Ohio Northern University, Nicole Giangola-Ohio Northern University, Annette Roggenbuck-Southern Oregon University, Carl Rugato-High Point University, John A. Mitchell-Dixie State University, Kaylah Dulin-Ohio Northern University, Sarah Schwartz-Southern Oregon University, Matthew Plamp-University of Houston, Eric Swabey-Keith-St. Edwards University, Tiffany Delligatti-University of Connecticut, Jacob Novak-Ohio Northern University, Moriah Aronson-Skidmore College, Tom Gray-University of Alabama in Huntsville, Thomas Fernandez-Clemson University, Brian Sechrist-University of Alaska, Edward Pottorff-University of Alabama, Mike Harvy-Yale University.
Professional Team Participants: Linda Pisano-Indiana University, Jill Klecha-The University of the Arts in PA, Andy Fitch-University of Alabama, Andi Lyons-SUNY Albany.