Rose Brand is your
partner in production

The Largest Provider of Stage Curtains, Theatrical Fabrics, Backdrops, Production Hardware & Supplies in North America

We cater to the entertainment and event industries, celebrating over 100 years in business. Customers rely on us to create beautiful, functional, entertaining environments whether it's within a high school auditorium, church, Broadway stage, convention hall, or an enormous arena. Use our products and solutions to improve venue esthetics, functionality, masking, or soundproofing.

We provide custom solutions and sell over 10,000 off-the-shelf products as well. Custom solution include stage curtains for sale, event draperies for sale, printed backdrops, and hardware solutions. Custom soft goods and hardware solutions run the gamut from plain black drapes for main curtains, masking, or soundproofing, to the fanciest theater curtains; from plain custom sewn cycs to 6-color process printed backdrops; from hand drawn curtain tracks to motorized modular curtain lift systems.

Off-the-shelf products include an enormous inventory of rental drapery, gaffers tape, scenic paints, production hardware and more. Take inspiration from our portfolio and the custom solutions shown in our "Design, Spec and Build" case studies. Rose Brand is your partner in production.