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Star Drops/Video Curtains

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Rose Brand has numerous options for dazzling Star Drops and Low Resolution Video Curtains. Whether you need to create the perfect starry night effect or full motion, low resolution video; we can help you realize your creative vision. Our Star Drops come in LED curtain or fiber optic curtain varieties, while our low res video curtains use LEDs in a randomly aligned pattern. Each option has its benefits.

Classic ShowLED Star Drop
Classic ShowLED Star Drop provides white starlight on a black velour curtain background (although you can custom order whatever fabric and color you choose). These curtains are simple to hang, operate and maintain. The LEDs are nearly indestructible and seemingly last forever. There are numerous built-in twinkling patterns and the lights can vary in intensity. If desired, you can control it with a DMX board as well.
Chameleon ShowLED Star Drop
The Chameleon Star Drop is nearly identical to the Classic above, except it uses RGB LEDs to provide a full color range of options for your star effects.
Chameleon ShowLED
Fiber Optic Curtain
Change color and create custom animation with the versatile Fiber Optic drape.
Fiber Optic Curtain
ShowLED Animation Curtain
Our ShowLED Animation Curtain is simple to operate and offers randomly aligned LEDs for dazzling, full color, low res video effects in both small-scale and large-scale implementations. These curtains are relatively easy to implement for the novice.
ShowLED Animation Curtain

Whether you need a rental or a custom fabricated drop, let us guide you through the options that will best achieve your needs. Call us at 800-223-1624, send us an email at, or click to obtain a Rental Quote or Custom Curtain Quote (quotes require online registration). We’re happy to answer all of your questions!