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Action Design Competition

Action Design Competition
Action Design Winners
Based on their beautifully designed, developed and lit scenic environment, Team Autumn was voted this year’s winner of the Rose Brand/USITT Action Design Competition at the USITT Expo in Cincinnati, OH. Votes were tabulated via the Rose Brand Instagram and Facebook pages. Team Autumn was made up of the following student designers:
Sarah Schwartz, Southern Oregon University, Costume Designer
Mitch Weisbrod, Southern Oregon University, Lighting Designer
Batul Rizvi, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Scenic Designer
Gatlin Douglas, University of Texas at Arlington, Technical Director
A second portion of the contest includes winner for best designer in each category, which is selected by a panel of industry experts. This year’s expert panel of judges was comprised of Tony Award winning costume designer Jane Greenwood, Douglas Schmidt, Terrence Spivey, and Norman Russell. Winners in each individual category were:
Anne Suchyta, Wayne State University, Costume Designer
Brian Sechrist, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Lighting Designer
Batul Rizvi, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Scenic Designer
Pamela Meadows, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Technical Director
Action Design is an annual student design competition sponsored by Rose Brand and USITT and takes place at the USITT Conference & Stage Expo. Student designers from around the country apply for a chance at one of the 16 coveted team spots. Once teams are selected, students work together to create the best scenic environment possible given limited supplies, limited time to design, and limited time to get to know their teammates.

To view photos of the completed booth designs, Click here.
A list of all Student Participants in the 2015 Action Design Competition:
Costume Designers:
Bryant Villasana –Florida State University
Mary Gietzen –Wayne State University
Sarah Schwartz –Southern Oregon University
Anne Suchyta –Wayne State University

Lighting Designers:
Brian Sechrist –University of Alaska, Anchorage
Kate Landon –Southern Oregon University
Mitch Weisbrod –Southern Oregon University
Katie Tanaka –Southern Oregon University

Scenic Designers:
Alana Pichot –Southern Utah University
Samantha Snow –Western Michigan University
Batul Rizvi –University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Douglas Puskas –University of Cincinnati Collage - Conservatory of Music

Technical Directors:
Matt Levine –Southern Oregon University
Dashiell Menard –San Francisco State University
Gatlin Douglas –University of Texas at Arlington
Pamela Meadows –University of Missouri-Kansas City

Special thanks to Emily Smith from Southern Utah University, Nicholas Rieker from Santa Rosa Junior College, and Haley Miller from University of Southern California for their technical and video assistance during the competition.

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