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Fabric Seconds (2nds)

Although Rose Brand is known for our top quality goods, every once in a while we receive a damaged piece, or something gets stained, faded or torn. This is your opportunity to take advantage of these deeply discounted not quite perfect "seconds."

NOTE: All are sold as-is, and no returns are accepted. Read descriptions carefully! No FR Certificates will be issued on these goods.

If you’re searching for a brand new curtain or a rental instead, please see our web pages for Custom Sewn Curtains or Rentals, or contact us by phone (800-223-1624) or email.
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13'-1" Tulle Tex, Silver, IFR Remnant Rolls, 2nds
Remnants of 13'-1" wide, IFR silver Tulle Tex- a light-weight sheer in silver. Seconds. Read full description.
from $487.50 $1,625.00
Extra Wide 39' Light Blue Muslin Remnant 2NDS - 66 yds
39' full-width remnant piece of Light Blue Muslin 2nds. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION.
$3,920.40 $15,681.60
54" FR Meteore Melody Velour, remnant rolls
Remnant rolls of 54" wide, J.B. Martin "Meteore Melody" Velour
from $69.00 $276.00
56" Liquid Metal, FR - 2nds
A truly affordable highly metallic, lightweight FR fabric, exclusively from Rose Brand. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION.
from $92.23 $263.50
Digital Blue RB Cloth Pipe & Drape Panels, 25'8" x 5'11"-O1129-30
CLOSEOUT DFR Digital Blue RB Cloth Pipe & Drape Panels, approximately 25'8" high by 5'-11" wide. PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION.
$52.50 $150.00
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