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Liquid Flame Retardants

Effective by penetrating into the raw, porous substrate to inhibit the ignition of the substrate, these water-based, non-durable (will wash out) liquids will dry clear. The products for fabrics will make the fabrics passable for NFPA 701. Keep your original container, and if possible, treat an extra sample piece the same way as your original, for the fire marshal.

NOTE: Longevity of any FR additive depends on the use of the treated fabric (and how much it is handled) and the environment (mostly humidity and environmental changes) in which the treated fabric lives. It also depends on whether the treated fabric is clean or has been accumulating dust (stage dust, shop dust) and/or air-borne oil particles (from a restaurant or cafeteria kitchen).
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FF4 Liquid (for blends)
A pre-mixed, multi-purpose Flame Retardant liquid for natural and synthetic fibers and blends.
from $19.50
FF6 Super Strength
This economical pre-measured Flame Retardant liquid concentrate for natural fibers comes in a convenient 5-gallon bucket with 11.6 oz of concentrate.
Rosco Flamex™ DF for delicate fabrics
New Flamex DF works with most natural or synthetic fiber fabrics to provide a safe and secure flame treatment.
from $67.00
Rosco Flamex™ NF for Natural Fibers
New Flamex NF works with most natural fiber fabrics to provide a safe and secure flame treatment.
from $43.00
Rosco Flamex™ PA (paint additive)
Liquid additive for water based paints. Mixture yields Class "A" or "l" rating.
from $16.25
Rosco Flamex™ PC for Paper/Cardboard
Flamex PC was formulated specifically to treat the many paper products commonly used in props and scenery construction.
from $67.00
Rosco Flamex™ SF for Synthetics
Flamex SF will treat many synthetic fabrics, such as polyesters, nylons, acrylics and rayons, as well as most cotton/synthetic blends.
from $67.00
Rosco Flamex™ WD for Wood
Use Flamex WD to treat wood and cellulosic materials.
from $67.00
MG-702 (multi-purpose)
Pre-mixed for multiple uses. Covers approximately 300 square feet per gallon.
from $18.00
MG-790 (for wood)
MG-790 is a pre-mixed liquid for treating raw wood and wood products.
from $38.00
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