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Neoflex Flexible LED

Rose Brand is proud to be the US distributor for NeoFlex! NeoFlex is a row of LEDs spaced every 1/2 inch inside a flexible, diffusing plastic tube, making it a low-maintenance, durable, easy-to-install alternative to traditional glass neon. Unlike rope light, NeoFlex achieves a consistent light without hot spots. Consuming 70% less energy than neon, NeoFlex quickly pays for itself.
It's sealed construction and material make it resistant to dust, water and UV (IP44); there's no glass to shatter. It will survive harsh conditions and abuse that ordinary neon can't withstand. This translates to minimal maintenance requirements over the life of the product. NeoFlex in 120v or 24v has an expected life span measured in tens of thousands of hours, lasting many times longer than traditional neon and other lighting technologies. It operates at lower voltages than neon, making it safer, and conforms to UL Listing 2388 when uncut. NeoFlex at Toys R Us
NeoFlex is easy to install, requiring no training or special tools. Just fasten the mounting clips in the desired shape, bend the NeoFlex to match and clip in place to secure. A wide range of accessories and connectors enable quick installation of different shapes and configurations.

Click here for easy installation instructions.

Read our blog post on Neoflex: Bendable LED Lighting Allows for Easy Install, Cool Effects and Numerous Advantages vs. Neon Lighting.
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Neoflex Diffused 120v
120v High Output comes in amber, red, blue, green, warm white, cool white and orange.
from $1,015.00
Neoflex Mounting Clip (2")
Used to hold NeoFlex in any shape or curve.
Neoflex Power Cord with plug, 4 amp
Neoflex Power Pin for 120v and 24v Diffused
One-point Power Pin necessary to connect regular 120v or 24v Neoflex to the power cord.
Neoflex Mini 24v Power Cord, plug, transformer-CLOSEOUT
36w or 100w 24v transformer for NeoFlex Color Jacket Mini.
from $15.00 $30.00
Neoflex Mini Aluminum Mounting Track-CLOSEOUT
Used to hold NeoFlex Color Jacket Mini in straight lines, this track is available in 3'3" pieces.
$6.50 $13.00
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