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Stage Curtain Fabrics

Rose Brand’s Theatrical Curtain Fabrics can serve every application on stage from permanent theatre drapes to specialty treatments for specific productions. Our plush, rich heavy weight velours are the industry standard for Grand Drapes, Main Curtains and Valances. Offered in traditional Flame Retardant Cotton or in Inherently Flame Retardant synthetic, many are available in custom colors. Lighter weight velours are ideal for decorative swags and jabots as well as rental drapes. And for beautiful sheers in choice designer colors, consider our Durably Flame Retardant Voile.

If you're looking for a custom made stage curtain then please click on: Custom Made Stage Curtains & Backdrops. If you're looking to rent a stage curtain or event drapery, please click on: Rental Draperies.
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22 oz. Encore™ Synthetic Velour, IFR
This 64" wide, medium weight brushed 100% Avora® polyester is totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant.
from $22.23
15 oz. Encore™ Synthetic Velour, IFR
This 62" wide, light weight brushed polyester, Class A fire rated fabric drapes beautifully, and is ideal for swags, Austrian drapes and masking.
from $15.94
21 oz. Marvel Velour, FR
Our most popular velour, this 54" wide, 100% cotton, medium weight velour has multiple uses.
from $17.98
12 oz. Brava, IFR
A 54" wide, opaque, lightweight, brushed "suede" velour that's budget-friendly.
25 oz. Memorable Velour, FR
This 54" wide, heavy weight, 100% cotton opaque with a rich, long nap is used in grand drapes in theatrical applications worldwide.
from $19.81
13 oz. Apollo Synthetic Velour, IFR
A beautiful 54" wide, light weight and virtually opaque synthetic velour.
20 oz. Crescent Velour, IFR
Medium weight 54" wide Crescent has the look of classic cotton velour with durability and versatility of a synthetic.
25 oz. Wizard Velour, FR
The blackest, most light absorbing, heavyweight velour available. Opaque, flame retardant, 100% cotton.
16 oz. Princess Velour, FR
Light weight and economical, a 54" wide 100% cotton velour with traditional matte finish.
from $14.87
25 oz. Charisma Synthetic Velour, IFR
An elegant synthetic matte velour, 54" wide, with incredible depth of color.
25 oz. Prestige Synthetic Velour, IFR
This 54" wide, heavy weight napped velour has the rich, satiny full look of velvet.
56" Gliss Panné Velvet, IFR
A lustrous, IFR lightweight polished 100% polyester velvet finished with the classic panné texture.
57" Gliss Velvet, IFR
A beautiful, lightweight, IFR polished 100% polyester velvet that glistens and glows with reflected light.
20 oz. Black Merlin, FR
New 59" wide FR Merlin is a premium light absorbing cotton velour.
20 oz. Empress Synthetic Velour, IFR
A 54" wide, light weight, high-napped velour with a silky finish.
21 oz. Virtue Velour, FR
A 54" wide, medium weight 100% cotton velour with a shorter, denser nap than Marvel.
25 oz. Majestic Velour, FR
A 54" wide, heavy weight and opaque cotton velour with a shorter, denser nap than Memorable.
32 oz. Imperial Synthetic Velour, IFR
This luxurious velour has the rich satiny look of velvet creating the most opulent curtains with all the durability and benefits of an IFR synthetic.
32 oz. Magic Velour, FR
The heaviest weight velour in standard use, 54" wide Magic is opaque with an extra long nap.
7 oz. Polyvel, IFR
This 55" wide super economical lightweight brushed velour has a smooth finish and vibrant colors.
8 oz. Super-Vel®, IFR
An ultra light weight, economical, 60" wide brushed polyester with a mottled finish.
118" Voile, IFR
Our lightweight translucent sheer in the most requested colors, along with White, Oyster and Black.
from $6.30
106" Tergalet, IFR
Crushed, lightweight 100% polyester silk available in a jeweltone palate.
114" Crushed Voile, IFR
The crushed version of our lightweight, semi-transparent Voile has a texture that catches and bounces more light.
118" Impression, IFR
Lightweight polyester silk drapes brilliantly and has a soft sheen and feel.
16 oz. Athena, IFR
A 60" wide lightweight IFR brushed polyester fabric that is totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant.
16 oz. Chenille, IFR
The richness of velour with varied texture in a lightweight, 54" wide, contemporary drapery fabric.
23 oz. Athena, IFR
Our new 23 oz. Athena is a great choice for larger scale applications that require heavy duty curtains. 58" wide.
32 oz. Royale Synthetic Velour, IFR
This Super Weight IFR velour is opaque and sound absorbing making it an excellent choice for new high-end installations or historical replacements.
48" Duval, Beige Back, IFR
Beige vinyl-backed version of 100% polyester Vegas allows complete opacity.
48" Duval, Black Back, IFR
Black vinyl-backed version of 100% polyester Vegas allows complete opacity.
54" Atlas Oxford Repp, FR
A 100% Cotton, heavy weight fabric with a woven herringbone texture.
from $13.50
54" Bijou, IFR
Elegant faux raw silk with a slight sheen and a slubbed texture.
54" Celesta Leaf, FR
An exciting series of pattern-cut sparkle sheer fabrics. Available in Flora, Snow or Leaf.
54" Nassau Chevron Repp, FR
A 100% cotton, heavy weight fabric with a woven raised chevron texture.
from $11.00
54" Polyanna, IFR
An economical IFR artificial silk that’s great for dressing event spaces and can also be used to line stage curtains.
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