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Metallic Fabrics

Metallic Fabrics

It wouldn’t be show business without glitzy and bold shiny metallic fabrics! Rose Brand’s line of metallic fabrics includes everything from translucent subtle metallic sheers that iridesce beautifully under lights to highly reflective shiny metallics, boucles, sheers, scrim, and more.
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54" Duet, IFR
A swanky duo of glistening and matte surfaces in an IFR, wrinkle resistant fabric.
59" Frazzle, FR
Silver or gold metallic sheen etched by half circle slits that track across the entire surface.
118" Showstopper, FR
Lustrous metallic fabric.
62" Domino, FR
This 100% polyester reversible knitted fabric has black or white warp embellished with metallic face threads railroaded on the surface.
10'9" Opalescent Glacier, IFR
Brilliant Trevira® iridescent opalescent sheer fabric. Looks like it's made out of pearl.
10'9" White Shimmerlite, IFR
A truly elegant Trevira®/Lurex light weight white fabric interwoven with gold and silver metallic threads.
118" Lurex Sheer, IFR
A light weight, translucent sheer metallic with a lustrous sheen, available in silver and gold.
118" Mirage, FR
A wide metallic sheer that is made for lighting effects.
44" Tissue Lamé, NFR
A delicate, light weight, metallic nylon blend, available with white, black or color warp.
from $5.04
47" Shimmer Scrim, IFR
A unique woven combination of fabric and metallics. Priced per 10 yard Roll.
51" Chevy Metal, FR
Handsome FR light weight knit with a chevron pattern, has the look of chain mail. Neutral Silver lights to any color.
54" Fusion, NFR, Remnant Piece
Shimmering iridescent metallic with a self lining.
from $76.13 $217.50
58" Metallic Chiffon, FR
This gossamer-weight metallic knit fabric (75% polyester and 25% metal) in a variety of colors is very sheer and great for draping.
58" Metallic Knit Bouclé, FR
A highly reflective, FR textured knit metallic that drapes beautifully and has a slight stretch.
60" Crackle Tendo, IFR
Brilliant metallic foil treatment on Trevira® IFR Tendo.
60" Crystal Vel IFR
A beautiful light weight velour covered in a brilliant metallic treatment.
from $0.00
60" Sparkle Tendo, IFR
Brilliant metallic foil treatment on Trevira® IFR Tendo.
Foil Embossed Fabrics
Foil Embossing turns ordinary fabric into your own custom creation with intricate metallic patterns that reflect light magnificently.
Shimmer Dot, NFR
A jazzy decorative semi-sheer metallic fabric covered in 6mm Mylar sequins.
56" Liquid Metal, FR
Finally, a truly affordable highly metallic, lightweight FR fabric, exclusively from Rose Brand.
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