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Sequin Applique Curtains

A glistening Sequin 300 Curtain used in The Venetian® Theatre in Las Vegas, NV.

Our new Sequin patterns can be applied to almost any fabric in 10 yard runs. The 7mm Sequins are available Black, Silver, Iridescent or Gold.

Black Sequins on Black Velour works especially well as the sequins pop only when hit directly with lighting.

Available in two patterns:

  • standard density, Sequin 100
  • extra density, Sequin 300

We can also help you develop your own custom patterns. Lead time approximately 3 weeks.


Black Sequin 100 on Merlin Velour

Black Sequin 300 on Merlin Velour

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Available in 2 Patterns

Lead time approximately 3 weeks

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