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Goo Systems High Contrast Reflective Coat

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Goo Systems High Contrast Reflective Coat
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High Contrast Reflective Coat is best used with projectors over 1500 lumens and rooms with moderate ambient light levels. It must be used in conjunction with one of the following three products: High Contrast Finish Coat, Ultra Silver 3D, & Max Contrast Finish Coat.

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Screen Goo transforms any smooth surface into a high-performance projection screen! Screen Goo is a specially formulated, highly reflective acrylic paint designed specifically for the video projection industry. Appropriate for all levels of video use including home theatre, houses of worship, conference rooms, point of purchase displays, large-scale commercial venues and even outdoors (with special instructions).
With performance that rivals and in some cases exceeds regular projection screen at a very cost-effective price per square foot, it offers easy application via sprayer or roller, and seven different coatings for different projector and projection applications. It boasts exceptional color fidelity, minimum hot-spotting, and industry-leading horizontal and vertical off-axis characteristics. It is even washable!
One liter will typically cover 50 square feet with two thin coats under ideal conditions and a non absorptive surface. A primed surface is recommended for peak performance. Although it can be used immediately after application, performance will continue to improve as coating becomes fully cured and clarified.
Product Weight (in pounds)
120ml             .36
500ml            1.58  (shown)
1000ml           3.26
2 liter          6.00
3.78 liter      12.32
16 liter        51.6

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