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Clear Plastic Spheres

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Clear Plastic Spheres
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Clear plastic spheres in 30-40 gauge plastic can be used for display, theatrical sets or easy exhibits. Fill them, or use as a cover for exhibits on tables or mount to the wall. Ideas are limited only by your imagination. Available in various diameters, the two halves come apart for easy shipping or filling. Made of PETG (polyester glycol) plastic with a molecular weight of .046.
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Size  Product Weight  Width of
         (pounds)*    center flange
4"         .6            >1/8"           
6"         .13            1/8"
9"         .19            1/4"
12"        .31            1/4"        
18"       1.13            5/8"
24"       2.31            3/4"
36"       11*             3/4" - 1"

*Freight charges may be higher due to dimensional weight

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