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Argo® Starch

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Argo® Starch
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Argo® Starch is the same old fashioned consumer laundry starch (formerly in the BLUE box but now in the RED box), that scenic artists have used for years to pre-size muslin drops. This sizing starch is not as heavy or as thick as artist's gesso. 4 gallons cover approx. 400 sq. ft.

Recipe for Sizing Drops:

(1) Slowly and continuously stir a 1 lb. box of Argo Starch into ½ gallon of cold water.
(2) Boil 3½ gallons of water in a large pot.
(3) Slowly stir the cold starch mixture into the boiling water.
(4) Return the combined mixture to boiling, then remove from heat.

You can use the sizing mixture in either of 2 ways:

(1) For opaque drops:
Strain the mixture and use it warm. This will soak through the muslin.
(2) For translucent drops:
Cool the mixture; strain it and apply to the drop. This will sit on top of the muslin.

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