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Stage Curtain and Drapery Types

We offer many different types of curtains and drapes from which you can choose. You'll find an explanation of several types below, as well as some nifty animated demonstrations. If at anytime you have a question or would like to place an order, please feel free to email us at, or call 800-223-1624, or use our Online Quote Request tool.

If you'd like to see or order the materials that we use to develop our curtains, feel free to browse the following types of fabrics: Stage Curtains, Masking & Blackout, Scenic Painting, Event & Display, Diffusion, Keying, Glitz, Stretch, Scrim, Backdrops & Cycs.

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Traveler Curtain

Traveler curtains run across the stage and are drawn open from both sides of the proscenium.
> View Traveler curtain animated demonstration.

Masking Curtain

As its name implies, masking curtains hide elements and block light. Many of our Velours, as well as Commando Cloth and Duvetyn fabrics are used for masking purposes. Sometimes masking curtains are lined as well.
> See our recommended Masking fabrics and Linings.


A Sharkstooth Scrim functions as both backdrop and a tool to achieve one of the more magical effects in theater: the bleed-through. It all depends on how the drop is lit.
> View Scrim animated demonstration
> Read our "Know-How" blog article, "How To Light A Sharkstooth Scrim."
> View Scrim fabrics.

Tab Curtain

The Tab curtain has two panels, sewn flat or in fullness, and is raised by diagonally lifting the two onstage lower corners towards the upper off-stage sides.
> View our Tab curtain animated demonstration.


One of the most ornate curtains, Austrians are raised by multiple vertical riggings between which are sewn in a series of horizontal swagging pleats. The drape has both vertical and horizontal fullness, and opens to an even series of swags.
> View the Austrian curtain animated demonstration.


A Braille is similar to a Venetian in that it is raised by multiple, vertical draw lines that are lifted. The draw lines are placed on the back side of the drape, along the seams. When in its lowered position, a Braille will hang flat.
> View the Braille curtain animated demonstration.

Venetian Contour

Perhaps the most versatile curtain, the Venetian Contour consists of vertically pleated panels, which are raised by multiple vertical riggings that are individually controlled. This allows the stage crew to open the curtain in various ways.
> View Venetian Contour curtain animated demonstration.


In a standard Venetian, all vertically pleated panels are drawn simultaneously and equally so it opens in the same manner as an Austrian with a scalloped bottom.
> View the Venetian curtain animated demonstration.


Guillotine curtains rise directly above the stage, unlike a Traveler which opens from side to side.
> View the Guillotine curtain animated demonstration.

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