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Black Curtains / Black Drops

SAVE 25% to 70% off already reduced prices on these Closeout curtains!

Search here for some real bargains in custom sewn curtains and drapes. Most of these are brand new and in perfect condition (those which are "less than perfect" are noted in the descriptions). They are all the expertly sewn quality items for which Rose Brand is known. There is the possibility of creases or dust from storage.

NOTE: Since Rose Brand cannot be sure of the date of manufacture of "FR" fabrics and draperies, flame retardant certificates will not be issued for close-out purchases. However, "IFR" fabrics and draperies are flame resistant for the life of the fabric, as long as they are clean and well maintained. Rose Brand will issue FR certificates for IFR close-out sales only.


If you’re searching for a brand new curtain or a rental instead, please see our web pages for Black Masking Curtains, Custom Sewn Curtains, Rentals, or contact us by phone (800-223-1624) or email.
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Encore, 22 oz. IFR Black Closeout Drapes/Valances -- OC711
CLOSEOUT FR 22 oz. IFR Synthetic Black Encore Velour Drapes / Valances / Borders, 4'-0" high x 58'-0" wide.
$448.00 $1,280.00
Encore, 15 oz. IFR Black Closeout Panels, 2' x 3'8"- OC660
CLOSEOUT IFR 15 oz. Synthetic Black Encore Velour Panels, 2'-0" high by 3'-8" wide.
$33.25 $95.00
Nassau Chevron Repp, Black Lined Closeout Drapes, 12'x13'--OC731
CLOSEOUT FR Black Lined Nassau Chevron Drapes, 12'-0" high by 13'-0" wide.
$248.50 $710.00
Velour, 25 oz. Black Memorable Closeout Drape , 27'3" x 9'10" - O7095
CLOSEOUT FR 25 oz. Black Memorable Velour Drape, 27'-3" high x 9'-10" wide.
$449.75 $1,285.00
Velour, 25 oz. Grape Memorable Lined Closeout Drapes-Legs 11'6" x 4' -OC717
CLOSEOUT FR 25 oz. Grape Memorable Velour Lined Legs, 11'-6" high by 4'-0" wide.
$154.00 $440.00
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